Nintendo DS (NDS) Themes

For those who are looking for NDS themes, you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, my list of awesome NDS themes are not yet available. I’ll be updating this post very soon, and post the best, and free NDS themes that I found online, just for you, and only for you! You can find the greatest NDS themes that you are dreaming of. So, keep in touch, always check this page, and subscribe to my RSS feeds, to be updated about the latest NDS themes available at Jehzlau Concepts.

Also, I’ll be posting R4DS themes, or whatevers themes. I don’t know what’s the difference between NDS and R4DS, hehehe. Just check this page regularly to be updated about me NDS themes, NDS layouts, NDS skins, and all stuff about Nintendo DS. If you’re looking of Nintendo DS lite games for FREE, you can check my post here!

Ooops! If you can’t wait for this page to update, check out Marhgil’s post about R4DS Skins, Themes Or Layouts For Your Nintendo DS Lite

Update: Links for NDS Themes
1. Webstrek Info NDS Themes
2. Nintendo DS Themes Community
3. Aceman Online R4DS Skins

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  1. ola sy una chica nueva en esto de las tarjetas para la nds y kisiera saber paguinas de internet para descargarlos gratuitamente para una tarjeta pirata chau contesta

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