Digital Scratches by Jehzlau Concepts

Break time at wala kasi magawa kaya nag cut cut ako ng shapes sa photoshop, at merge ko sila, tapos print screen, tapos cut ulit tapos transform image.. tapos image slice, tapos print screen, antok na kasi. kaya yan.. walang kwentang abstract kuno.. hehe.. la lang talaga ma post. hihihi.. pero cute naman sya diba? 😀 Ang saya pala mag duty ng saturday night, ang daming free meals!! dinner at breakfast… hehehe.. hay.. +200PHP pa sa sahod.. whoa!! sarap mag trabahoooooOOooo… cge gotta get back to work.. ^_~

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2 thoughts on “Digital Scratches by Jehzlau Concepts

  1. UNA AKO!!! Yehey! (With confetti mula sa itaas)

    wow! nice pic! hehe. continue that habboy of yours for continuous improvement and soon, you’ll be an adobe master. hehe. Peace!

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