MyBrute Cheats and MyBrute Hacks

I’m creating this post to serve as a repository of different and useful My Brute Cheats. Btw, the correct and proper way of searching for MyBrute Cheats is My Brute Cheats. My is separated from Brute. It’s improper to search “MyBrute”, it should by “My Brute”. My post title was MyBrute (with no space), because some of My Brute players are searching for My Brute cheats without space. Hence, my title was MyBrute.

I have a cheat that I want to share with you. This is a fact and is tested. If you’re master has a Panther or any pet, you have a 50% chance in getting a pet also. If you’re master has a Panther or Bear, you’ll gain a Panther or Bear. This brute has a Panther, if you’re a pupil of that brute, expect to have a pet at Level 3. If you can’t get a pet, don’t waste your time, try again and create another pupil under a master with Panther or Bear. That’s all I know for now. For some other cheats, see the links below.

Here are the links of some useful cheats from My Brute Cheats website:
1. How to create a Black Brute in My Brute?
2. How to gain experience by creating pupils?
3. How to fight with yourself in My Brute?

The list above is my favorite cheats that I got in MBC or My Brute Cheats. More useful tips and tricks coming soon! As of now, I’m still figuring out how to create a brute that changes clothes while fighting every now and then. I found a lot of brutes with that trick, but I just don’t know how to do it myself.

UPDATE 08/02/09: My Brute Cheats, our favorite website for awesome cheats, tips, tutorials, and facts about My Brute, has updated their website and added really helpful and awesome My Brute Tools. The following are the new “really useful” tools MBC added for us:

1. My Brute XP Calculator – Want to know how many experience points you need to level up? Then this tool is for you!
2. My Brute Fight Simulator – Want to know how your brute fights when it grows up? Then this tool is what you need!
3. My Brute Inventory Preview Tool – Can’t wait to see the future skills and weapons of your brute? Use this tool, it predicts your exact future! It’s really clairvoyant!
4. My Brute Opponent Matcher – Tired of being defeated in your everyday battle against other brutes? Look for a weak opponent automatically that matches your brute!
5. My Brute Automate Weak Brute List – Want to see an automatically updated list of weak brutes from Here’s a tool for you!

Thank you My Brute Cheats for giving us these very useful tools that we can use for our brutes!

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If you’re looking for more My Brute tips and tricks, here a comprehensive MyBrute Guide by Atma Explorer.

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