Seth Meyers is leaving his coveted SNL Weekend Update chair to fill the shoes of the hilarious Jimmy Fallon on The Late Show. It seems like a perfect choice. He’s funny and entertaining. It also leaves a huge question. Who will replace Meyers on Weekend Update?

Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey ruled the news desk before their departure. After Fallon left, Amy Poehler took over and kept the ship rocketing to success. The single host forum happened when Meyers took over. Where will the road lead now that he is gone? This season the cast said goodbye to Weekend Update favorites like Bill Hader. There is also rumor Jason Sudeikis will follow his movie career. Many of the cast members are new and a bit inexperienced with such a huge spotlight. According to Glamour longtime SNL writer, John Mulaney is the perfect choice. He isn’t a cast member, but he has appeared on the entertaining bit before and his sitcom didn’t get picked up, so he might just be perfect. He was one of the writers for Hader’s famous Stefon character.

Bobby Moynihan has quickly become an audience favorite. His Drunk Uncle character on Weekend Update is entertaining and keeps the audience in stitches. The only problem with Moynihan is he couldn’t be both Drunk Uncle and the SNL news anchor!

Cecily Strong is becoming very popular in the sketches. Audiences seem to love her. According to Huffington Post, Strong is so “strong” in sketches this could set her back as a main anchor. She has a great presence and can hold an audience, but it might not be enough to pull her away from sketches. Kate McKinnon has this same “problem.” Some are calling her the next Kristen Wiig so she may want to ride that wave before jumping behind the desk. Vanessa Bayer has great timing, but carrying Weekend Update on her own might not be the best way to lure in an audience.

Tim Robinson is not as well known in the sketches, but show insiders say he is one of the best writers. This could work in his favor because he can bring his great ideas and approach to comedy behind the desk. The audience wouldn’t miss him as much in all of the sketches, and could fall in love with him on Weekend Update.

Choose the right TV service so you can sit back and watch SNL as they unfold the new cast for the new season. There is no lack of talent for Weekend Update, but a strong personality with a really big funny bone must sit in the chair to lure in viewers left behind by Seth Meyer’s talents as host.