For many companies, having a strong logo is important to create a positive brand association. Successful logos act as a recognisable symbol for your brand and it will help your customers to identify your products and services better. A powerful logo it is also important for branding because the right logo design is essential to work putting forth the best branding efforts for your brand.

Take a look at brands like Nike, Starbucks and apples that all have logos which marketers would consider the best of the best because of how successful these logos are in the market today. These logos can stand alone without text or any surrounding details because it can capture the attention of their users and give full understanding of the business without having the brand name in text form.

Why is a logo important for a business?

Logo is an essential part of your branding strategy. However, designing one is a unique challenge that must be taken on only by professional designers because taking on the task yourself with limited designing experience will only backfire on your business. Many small business owners try the alternative method of using logo maker free generators available online because it is a cost-effective way to generate a logo using websites like Shopify. However, using this logo maker free online will generate a generic logo which is not good for your branding. Designing is a task that will require tactical approach because you need to buy the your company values without being overwhelming to your customers that it loses its visual appeal.
Regardless of whether you are designing a completely new logo or if you want to redesign your logo, there are several guidelines that you need to keep in mind when you want to implement a branding strategy for your logo design.

Focus on keeping it simple

With so many advices from marketing gurus, the one thing that is constant about them is it is important to keep your logo simple. There is only so much that the user’s eyes can take. Therefore, when they look at a logo, you want them to instantly recognise it rather than overwhelming them with different colour elements or font choices in your logo. Too many flashy elements in your logo can also be distracting to your customers. This is why when you get a professional logo designer to design a logo for you, you need to explain to them well what is the core objective of your logo. Ideally, it should serve as an accurate representation of your brand without taking away what your brand values are.
If you are redesigning a logo that is outdated, it is best to keep them visually appealing while using a clean design. The rule of thumb when designing logo is that they should look good on a dual tone which is black on a white background. This is because your logo will most probably be printed out on these materials so it should be compatible in these colours even if your original logo design is in different colours.

Think about where your logo will be used

When you are getting someone to design your logo redesign it, it is always advisable to think where your logo will be used and how it will appear to your customers. There are plenty of branding materials which differs from websites such as business cards, poster boards or billboards. It is important to think how your logo will appear both online and offline. Recently, Uber redesigned their logo to depict the story behind their brand. This is because they saw that most of their customers use their app from their smart phones. Therefore, the brand have to primarily focus on how the logo would look like on a small screen.

Therefore when you are creating a logo, if you do not consider the future use of your logo or where it will appear down the road, it will create many difficulties down the road. If your logo is usually used on small screens, you might want to consider how it will appear on these screens. Instead, if your logo usually appears on delivery trucks, large billboards or large posters, you need to also consider how it will appear on these platforms. Remember, something that looks good on your business card may not always good when it is placed on something larger. It always helps to pre-empt the situation so that you don’t have to redesign your logo in the future.