When you own an eCommerce site, keeping your website customers engaged and meeting their needs is crucial to your overall business success. Regardless of what types of products you sell, when your potential customers have a question, the ability to get a quick answer can make the difference between a sale and losing that customer, possibly for good. It’s important to keep in mind that today’s customer is not only extremely savvy when it comes to shopping online, but they also expect a quality experience. This includes great customer service, such as a convenient chat button, so they can quickly get answers and move on with their transaction.

Customer Call Center
Unless you are an extremely large retailer, chances are you don’t have the resources or desire to set up your own customer call center. While it’s certainly beneficial for your business as well as your potential customers, maintaining a call center can be tremendously difficult, especially for the small business owner. Fortunately, companies like Solid Cactus can offer professional live chat services designed to improve your customer service while also helping to grow your business. You get the benefits of your own personal call center without the expense and trouble.
Live Chat can Help Improve Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Meeting the needs of your customers is an excellent way to improve customer satisfaction as well as customer loyalty. Building an eCommerce site is already challenging, so it’s important to deliver the very best customer service you possibly can. Whether you have a potential customer who needs more information regarding a specific product or they want to know store policies or sizing information, a trained customer service technician can answer their questions and help them make an informed buying decision.

How can Online Chat Improve Your Business
When a visitor to your site initiates a live chat session by typing in a query, this potential customer is likely ready to make a buying decision. They simply need more information. If your customer is not able to get a quick answer to their question, chances are they’ll simply move on; possibly to another site. At this point, you’ve lost the sale; however, there’s a good chance this customer won’t return in the future, so you’ve also lost what could have been a valuable long-term customer.

Trained call center specialists are not only able to help guide your customers to a buying decision by answering their questions, but they are also trained to up sell for even greater profits for your business. With a professional call center staff managing these live chats, you’ll likely experience better conversion rates as well as increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, when you use online chat, you can reduce the number of incoming calls, helping to keep your staff more productive.

Delivering a quality experience for your website visitors can help increase sales and promote return visits. Engage with your customers and offer them the services they need by giving them the option of choosing live chat.

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