It’s now February and I still don’t have an idea of what to post in my blog. I want to post more often this year compared last year, but January already ended and I only had one post last month. Hmmmm? What should I post this February? Another contest? Puzzles? Blogging tips? Gadgets? Pictures? or __________ ?

If you have a post request or you have a suggestion of what to post for this month, please leave a comment below. If you don’t have any suggestions, you can still leave a comment below if you want to. Hehe.

Happy February everyone! I hope I can think of something cool and something new. Something… awesome to post for this month.

PS: I’ve been busy playing pRO again. I hate this game. I really really hate it! Simeply because I can’t stop playing it. Oh well…

And oh… If you’re planning to buy a used car, or sell your old car, visit my friend’s website. It’s a brand new site for buying and selling cars online in the Philippines. This is not a sponsored ad, ok? ^_^

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287 thoughts on “Hmmmmmmmmmmmm???

  1. Hmmm? I am looking forward your Valentine’s post Sir Jehz!…Ika nga sa teleseryeng “Mutya” –

    Sanaโ€™y pag-ibig na lang
    Ang isipin
    Nang bawat isa sa mundo
    Sanaโ€™y pag-ibig na lang
    Ang isipin
    Sanaโ€™y magkatotoo!

    Ahahaha…Love love love!….Blessed Sunday to you Sir Jehz and to the readers of Jehzlau-concepts!

  2. hehe ragnarok :p jan nauubos baon ka date ai :p hehe Go Dost Scholars! Hehe basagin ang emperium!

    Contest na lang kuya jehz! Mag pacontest ka ng date this valentines! Ang mananalo pagdadating mรผ kung bga kw bhala sa gastusin nila..

  3. pinakamatinding “Love notes” ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› tagos sa 5 layers of the skin pentrating deeply to different organs in the body hanggang sa tissues and cells. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. kuya jehz.. pwede din mag post about games.. pero baka onte lang din maka relate.. hehe… pero lets just wait for the comments to flow in.. ^_^ hehe.. goodluck and bless you this month of february kuya jehzz.. hehe..

  5. more posts? meaning at least maka-14 ka ngayong taon sir Jehz. waheheee, 13 more to go…

    blog mo naman yung experience mo from blogging.
    yung kwento mo from start hanggang maging popular tong blog mo. state the turning points bah..

    yun bang parang rags to riches story.
    siguradong maraming maiinspire nyan kuya Jehz.

    (teka, wala bang prize sa best suggestion, waheheheee… hindi kasi ako sanay na walang prize dito eh, heheee… kidding [but half meant])

    • Bwahahahaa! malay mo contest pala to? ๐Ÿ˜†

      yeah kelangan ma break ko yung 13 posts..

      uu.. iniisip kong e post yan.. hindi naman to popular na blog… marami lang avid visitors at readers. pero now, this blog is not popular. hehe ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  6. hmmmmm…. lisud gyud mg huna2x ug new post.. waaaaaaaa ng RO ka ulit jehz? buhay pba ung guild nyu dati? ung DOST Scholars? hmmmmmm.. di ku na ma access account ku sa pRO..hmmmmp…. parang gus2 ku mg laro uli hap..hmmmp

  7. wow…..musta na po? hmmm palagay ko tama c nhoel ipost mo nman yung story mo kung pano ka nagsimula sa blogging. im sure daming naghihintay niyan at isa na ko dun…. ๐Ÿ™‚ good day!

  8. Master Jehz, ikuwento mo naman yung tungkol sa Mensa tsaka Torr Society. Kaunti lang ang nakakaalam ng Mensa, at mas lalong kaunti ang nakakaalam kung ano ang Torr. Since ikaw ang kauna-unahang Filipino member ng Torr, dapat malaman yan ng kapwa nating Pinoy at dapat kang ipagmalaki!

    Sa tingin ko marami pang ibang Pinoy na qualified rin pero hindi naman nila alam na puwede silang maging member ng mga prestigious societies na yan.

    Puwede akong maglista ng mga tanong na sasagutin mo tuwing may free time ka para mapadali ang pagcompose mo ng blog post. Handa akong tumulong! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. waaaaaaaaaaaa… waw and the Walking Encyclopedia na party? nyahah.. tagal na nun! buti na access nyu pa account nyu.. pffffffft d ku malala kahit email na gnamit ko sa pRO.. waaaaaaaa

  10. kuya suggest na lang blue stickman meets girl stickman ahaha kulay pink.. para naman sa lovemonth ng february hahah idea lang

  11. kung baga isang pilikula na laging my leading lady ang bida.. ka2lad ni blue stickman.. haha mgnda kung real story mo yun nyahahaha :mrgreen:

  12. Idol ang suggest kong i-post mo po ay yung experience mo from blogging.

    Para inspiration naming naghahangad din magtagumpay sa larangan ng blogging.

    Yung Gallery Idol…. Don’t Forget Year 2011 Blessing :p hehehehe ๐Ÿ˜†

  13. I have watched the video, wherein you shared your own quote/principle – “Failure is not an enemy to success”..Kakainspire tlga SIr Jehz, matanong lang, tama ba ang narinig ko sa videoo na iyon na you are once an Electronics Engg. Tech graduate? Correct me if I am wrong? ^^

  14. Sir Jehz, ask ko lang kung a-attend ka sa annual gathering ng isang organisasyon na kapangalan ng isang constellation? Maybe you could write a post regarding that meet-up…

  15. Hi Kuya Jehz, kamusta?

    I saw your movie flick with mica, ung nagpunta kami ng Panagasinan…nakakaaliw!

    hindi ka lang pala blogger, actor ka rin..

    hope to see you soon,,para makapagthank you ako ng personal,

    anyway, maybe you can write something about “ME” this February..para sumikat ako..hahahaha!!!joke lang!

    God Bless and Thank you…

  16. It would be interesting if you could post your development and growth of a blogger in a narrative form. Kinda like “before I used to do this in blogging… my mentors were… I even did…. but now I’m…”

    ๐Ÿ˜€ pwede gawing title: “Jehzlau Concepts: the story of a problogger”

  17. Sir Jehz,, ang hirap na mag post gamt PC tlagang d na tlaga ma ka post… plaging security code error….

    Suggest ko pa contest ulit.. haha…

    chaka tama sila sana kwento mu buhay mu… ung from poor to rich pano mu ba nagawa maging successful…. mga ganon gusto ko din malaman…hehe

  18. Hi! Jeh, I’ve just started blogging just last month… My brother, glenn as gl3nnx, told me to visit your site for some inspiration! I have just read few articles, and, your website is pretty cool! What to write?! Hmmm… As a newbie, can you post something like, “How to be a JEHZLAU?!” hehehe!

  19. Hi, jehzlau! I just want to tell you how cool your website is, it is very personalized! My brother, Glenn, who owns website, showed me your website, to get some inspiration and tips! I’ve just started blogging a month ago. I guess, you might want to consider posting about your life as a blogger and how to succeed! Something like, “How to become Jehzlau?!” hehehe! Cyah around!

  20. Bad Influence ako! Ako ang sisihin nyo bakit di sya nakapagpost nung January, Ako ang namilit sa kanya mag Ragnarok Ulit, …… Join us na lang hehehehe..

    @Jehz ET tau sa friday, uwi n ako, hehehe d2 pa rin me Cebu

  21. yan din ang problem ko, walang maisp na post this love month… ganyan ata pag kulang sa kilig moments — inlove nga pero parang normal lang.. hik hik hik

  22. Jehzlau Gandang Umaga po… salamat sa website mong ito na araw araw kong pinupuntahan para lang alamin kung may new post ka na (at kung may contest na) hehehehe.. Pero wala man o meron babalik at babalik ako dahil .. Gusto ko hihihihih . ๐Ÿ˜†

  23. hehe ang bilis tlaga pag wifi.. hehe d2 pa ko school gandang gabi sa mga tmbay d2 hehe.. sana pwd kong iuwi ang wifi signal sa bahay.. bagal kasi ng Internet kit… wala kasing 3G signal ๐Ÿ™‚

    naalala ko yung sinbai ng classmate ko ^_^…

    sbi nya.. kung payag daw ako.. meron WIFI SIGNAL sa bahay MAbilis daw.. sobrang bilis.. at libre lang.. un nga lang… hahaha may password at di ko alam kung anu haha

    • hahaha… na try mo anong speed dyan? may mga sobrang bilis talaga lalo na pag public wifi, yung iba umaabot 25mbps, may 50mbps din. O_O

      Try mo para ma test mo speed ng wireless internet na ginagamit u. hehe :mrgreen:

  24. morning po sa inyong lahat ^_^ hmm.. wat po ba mganda at murang camera para sa mga newbie pa lang sa larangan ng pag kuha ng mga imahe? ^_^ hehe gusto ko mag ka camera ahah

  25. Hello!
    Do you publish ads of other services on your blog? I’m looking for good resources to buy ads for my sites. Please contact me by email.

  26. hi sir jehz, looking forward for your next post…We want contests, kasi naman sir jehz in that way, maeembellish ung writing skills namin specially sa mga “hard-to-express-my-thoughts-through-writing” individuals..hehee! Hindi ka nag-iisa pareng Csseyah, I am secretly reading the tips provided by this site specially sa SEO!….Wala kasi akong alam nun! ^^

  27. Tantaran tannn!!! Introducing from the left corner, weighing 125 lbs (binti pa lang yon!) Goliath !!!!!!! and to the right corner, weighing 185 lbs (ako yun!) Csseyah!!! ๐Ÿ˜†

    To be continue…….

  28. Oo nga eh, ang tagal nung post ni Master Jehz, kapana panabik!!! Ito na nga pinaguusapan ngayon sa mga kalye, sakayan ng bus, jeep at tricycle! Pati mga drivers at kundoktor, curious na rin, kahit di sila nagba blog! Hehehe! =)

  29. MAGANDANG UMAGA po sa inyong lahat! โžก โžก โžก Ako po ay aabsent na muna sa pag bisita kasi po. meron akong mabigat na exam sa sabado at monday… need ko po mag review maige dahil pag hindi ko naipasa angexam..magiging dahilan ito ng addtional na isang taon pa ulit sa college.. huhu ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ณ ayaw kong maging 6 years! Pag pray nyu naman po ako! Salamat! GOD BLESS

    • Mga Jehzlaulian!!!! pwede po ba makahingin ng kunting oras sa inyo para ipanalangin ang nangyari sa JAPAN… 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake at pinangangambahan na magkaTsunami… Pati ang Pilipinas ay damay…

      Tara at manalangin tayo na huwag nang magkatsunami. Maraming salamat po sa inyo.

      Tsunami Alert:

      For New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others. Waves expected over the next few hours, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan.

      • Oi ako yan, Jehzlaulian. hehe. oo bro nag dasal na me bro. Let us pray again and again na wala pang mangyaring calamity s ating bansa at sa ibang countries.

      • Oo nga, nakakatakot pa naman sa amin, sa Ortigas, Pasig kasi ako nagwo work, medyo critical area daw yun when it comes to earthquake. Yes, let’s pray for those people na tinamaan ng tsunami at lindol, sana wala ng mapahamak pa! God bless you all!

      • Let’s pray mga Jehzlaulian… nawa hindi na magka lindol pa sa mga susunod na mga araw.. at nawa matapos na din ang mga away away sa ibang bansa tulad sa egypt, libya. saudi, at kung saan saan pa.

  30. you should try posting what you like.. rants or what you see for the day.. food or whatever ๐Ÿ˜€

    if you like post what you do if you are slacking off

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