Philippines’ Top 100 Blogs for 2008

Wow! I really can’t believe that I made it to the top spot! Thank you guys for your endless support and thank you also to my avid commenters and readers because you’re the one who makes this blog alive and kicking (hehe), Weeeeeee! This blog was suppose to be worthless. Now, it was not that worthless because it was recognized as Top 1 out of 100 Top Blogs in the Philippines for 2008, based on

I don’t know what to say but Thank You! Yay! I don’t have the complete list of the Top 100 Blogs, I’ll update this post once I have the list.

More Event Pictures Here! And Click Here to view the list of event posts. Also view the complete list of Philippines’ Top 100 Blogs for the year 2008!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!! :mrgreen:

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194 thoughts on “Philippines’ Top 100 Blogs for 2008

  1. wow! This is really great.. see good things happen to good people and you are one of them.. always willing to help people around.. kaya you recieve these wonderful blessings!! 😯

    Congratulations! 😛

  2. Nice to meet you and your mom Jehz 🙂 Congrats too! I saved some our pics upload ko din sa blog ko ha…:) Still composing my post haha. Thanks mucho!

    • hahahaha… oo nga eh.. napansin ko din yun.. sa shampoo cguro na gamit ko no? or sa dugong gumagapang sa aking mga ugat? (gumagapang pa ang dugO? hehe) basta yun na yun.. waaa! mag papa haircut cguro ulit ako.. tsk tsk tsk… 😀

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    • maraming nangyari betsy! hehehehe.. kain, inom tubig, kain, inom tubig, kain, inom tubig, kain, inom iced tea, kain, incom iced.. and so on and so forth 😀

      hehehe.. basta masaya.. pag dating ko doon, hindi pa ako dressed for the event, formal lahat ng tao.. wahehehe.. ako wala lang.. tapos ayun.. top 1 pala. di ko akalain, nanginig ako sa tuwa 😮 hehe..

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    • wahahaha! mamatay ka sa inggit! hahaha! jowk lang 😀 oo ang saya dito sa pilipinas dito ka nalang mag work.. sobrang saya.. araw araw masaya.. mino minuto masaya.. sego segundo masaya! 😮

  8. congrats jehzeel. nice seeing you at the networking night. sana next time makausap na kita…medyo shy pa kasi ako eh…first time ko umattend ng bloggers’ event. 💡

  9. wassup jehz.. it was great meeting you this past saturday.. congratulations on being the top blogger in the Philippines…i even included you in my latest blog entry..

  10. I was about to approach you during the event, but you are so busy then. Anyway, I am really curious why your blog made it to the top, so I viewed your achieves and read some of your posts.

    I must admit that you really impressed me so much. The way you choose your topic, the timing and the tips, all of them are well-crafted and useful. You seem to be a Jack of all Trades blogger. Now, I am not surprised that you have thousands of subscribers and receiving tons of comments.

    With that, I will be your 5,373th subscriber.

    Congrats! Keep it up but keep yourself low!


  11. ayun oohh.. featured sa Nuffnang! hanep taLaga.. 😯

    Ehem ehem… Let me start by saying Hi! Hello! How are you!?! Me? I’m fine! Thank you! Hehehe… 😀

  12. hey there! saw that you’re featured at nuffnang. you’ve been reaching for greater heights and you’ve become so popular all around.

    good job!

    keep it up dude! 🙂

  13. aw.! nice one.! im not that devoted in blogging, yet its so nice making an entries and posts… lalo na kung maapreciate and marecognize.! congratz ulit

  14. Wow.. sabi na nga ba e ikaw ang magigigng top blogs 😉 nice one.. Heheheh..

    Kelan kaya ako makakasama jan 😉 Heheheh para mameet ko yung mga tulad nyo 😀

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  16. Hi, wow what a site. I hope to be also included in ratified. I am quite new to blogging. Started with a blogspot domain last April and moved it to custom domain last September. I hope to get much exposure as much as your blog. I was also once featured in Inquirer.Net’s Money Smarts and my blog has been the number 1 in Google for key phrase aspiring entrepreneur. I do hope to network with fellow bloggers who are experts in blogging.

    • hi aspiring entrepreneur! thanks sa pag visit 😀 wow na feature ka din sa inquirer! pareho tayo! 😛 yey! heehee… kita ko din blog mo.. nice niche blog 😉 ex links tayo 😯

  17. ui jez. … nafeature blog mo ~! wooot ! .. nuffnang … kanina nung naglalakad ako papuntang office (guada to pioneer)… napatigil ako ^^

    • yow FONG! hehehe.. oo nga buti ka pa nakita mo na yung mahiwagang ad na yun.. ako hindi parin til now.. huhuhuhu.. daan ako dyan minsan sa pioneer.. hehehe.. sa pioneer ka parin? hindi ka nalipat sa mckinley? 😯

      • hindi pa ako lilipat … hehehe at sana hindi kc lagi baha dun haha ! … gratz usab … agi lang sa tulay naa did2 dako na screen sa NUFFNANG tapos w8 k lang hangtod sa makita nimo na i feature nila imong nindot na blog heheheh ….

        light up the road ~

      • aw… oo nga, at hasel papunta doon.. wahehehe 😀 mas ok parin dyan sa rob ^_^ yep pupuntahan ko yun tapos hihintayin ko.. 45x a day naman yun nag a appear kaya oks lang 😛

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