PRC Board Exam Results Page is now up!

Is PRC.GOV.PH always down? Are you tired of googling and browsing other websites to see if the latest PRC Board Exam Results have been published already? Are you so irritated of waiting for so long and wished that you can receive updates via SMS or E-mail if the results are now available?

No need to worry! You don’t need to go from time to time to an internet cafe, or be online just to see if the results of the prestigious PRC board examinations are already available on the net! PRC Board Exam Results is now up to cater your needs! From RSS syndication, E-mail Subscription, SMS Updates, and on-time, fast, accurate and fresh results from the official PRC website are now available at CPA Board Exam Results, Engineering Board Exam Results, LET Results, Nursing Board Exam Results, and other Professional Exam Results are available in this website.

PRC Board Exam Results is a free service by Filipinos, for Filipinos. Visit PRC Board Exam Results website now, and subscribe to the on-time exam result updates, delivered to you! for free! SMS Subscription is available to all Smart, Globe, TNT, TM, Sun, and Addict Mobile Subscribers.

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53 thoughts on “PRC Board Exam Results Page is now up!

  1. ❓ may result npo b s marine deck officers licensure examination examination that was taken last july 12 & 13 2008???

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  3. Date : June 6,2009
    From : Felix G. Palattao
    To : Ms. Westphalia Dimalanta, BTRCP



  4. I just want to know if the result for Marine Deck officer exam dated July 11 and 12 already available? Thanks

  5. good day!gustoko lang po malaman bakit until now eh wala pa po lumalabas na result sa board exam for criminologist nun’s been a week now!! when will we have the result?

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