MAC or PC?

What if somebody will give you a gift, and he/she will let you decide if you want a MAC or a PC. What will you choose? a MAC? or a PC?

But, what if you have earned and saved 200k for 1 year (from your work), and decided to buy a computer, what will you choose? a MAC or a PC? and why? ^_^

I’m facing this problem right now, and I can’t decide whether to have a MAC or a PC. I’m always in front of a PC everyday in the office, that’s why I want to buy MAC and play around with it (because I just want to experience the MAC way of life, wahehe), or have a MAC if someone will give it to me for free. But I think there are limitations in using MAC (some of my software won’t work in MAC, and other applications that works only in PC). If I’ll buy a PC, or have a PC as a free gift from someone, I can do all sort of things that I am doing inside the office. Is it worth it to have a MAC? or a PC?

I think if it’s for free, you’ll choose MAC, because it’s quite expensive compared to PC. But if you’ll buy yourself a computer, you’ll probably go for a PC, for practicality purposes, am I right? or… for you? what will you choose? ^_^ or go for MAC and use iEmulator? hehe

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21 thoughts on “MAC or PC?

  1. dahil graphic designer ako, mas pipiliin ko ang mac. depende kasi yan sa mga applications or profession mo. mas suggested ang mac sa mga graphic designers, ang pc good naman sa web and 3d designers.

    bigay mo na lang sa akin pera para di ka na mahirapan.

  2. macs are less complicated, less problematic than PCs. Hindi ka magsisisi.. pramis. Or if you want, buy yourself a PC too.. besides in time dadami na rin ang mac users (due to apples marketing strategy) so yung availability ng compatible softwares eh hindi na magiging problema.


  3. hindi ka magsisisi sa mac.. pramis!!! im using mac nga sa office and kahit kelan hindi pa nya ako pinapahiya sa mga applications na gamit ko! pero kung ang intentions mo ay for game consoles… hmmm… mag-PC k n lng… kasi karamihan sa mga games ay hindi compatible sa mac!siguro magpopost na lng din ako ng mga nagustuhan ko sa mac!

  4. @ lalon – hmmmmmmm. basta pag pinahiya ako ng MAC.. ibibigay ko sa iyo MAc ko. bwahaha! joke πŸ˜›

    @ yatot – hmmmmmmmmm… pero sana gumana ragnarok sa MAC.. yun lang naman nilalaro ko bwahahaha!

  5. ayaw mo mag-LINUX? Free Open source at virus free. Kaso problema mo nga lang ang applications. You have to use Wine to emulate the windows environment to run window based apps.

    I never tried mac pero i think mas maganda sia kesa windows. There are Macs out there that run windows too.

  6. i’ll go for apple. Hahahaha… if you are going to buy a desktop computer, better buy apple. Buy the intel, the new ones, it’s a lot cheaper than the G5 systems.

    Why buy Apple for desktop?

    It’s durable and it could last more than 5 years. On average, a PC’s life is 3 to 5 years. We have a G4 iMac in our office. We have acquired it in 2003 and up til now, it is still in good working condition. It’s ON 18 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week. Housed in a non-airconditioned room with a dusty environment. And it still works

    As of now, we have two Mac systems. the old one, the one i mentioned above, and a new 17″ Intel Dual Core iMac. Three of our Windows systems which were bought last year are trashed now. We were having hardware problems which might be caused by the high temperature of our office.

    Also, choose Mac because its free from viruses. It’s user friendly and most of all, it’s BEAUTIFUL. It’s like having a Sony Ericsson over a Nokia.


    But if you are planning to have a system that you can use for application development, you might as well buy a Windows notebook.

  7. WhoawwWW!! hmmmmmmmm… my mouth waters to have MAC.. oh my.. hehehe…

    @ elmo – linux? hmmmmmmm… i also wanna try it, but, ahmmmm? if i have a spare PC, i’ll try it ^_^

  8. Yeah!! swerte mo naman if somebody will buy you MAC

    i have tried MAC before and i find it very durable than PC as in very fantastic mas mabilis un applications and madali mag configure tapos less error mas stable siya kaysa sa PC kung noon nga ginamit ko na un OS 8 pa yun sa MAC mukhang XP na siya.. that was 1998 pa ata my gosh i can’t imagine kung gano na kaganda ang MAC ngayon

    basta mas less complicated ang MAC and all your softwares naman may comparison yan sa MAC apple computers are the best kaya nga sila mahal eh…

    kaya lang sumikat ang PC dahil affortable siya pero kung sa kagandahan mas OK Na OK ang MAC… medyo hindi nga lang prominent dito mashado sa pinas pero ok lang naman kasi nan dyan ka sa Manila meaning madami kang resources to find for MAC diba?

    ok lang un kung MAC kaya mo naman bumili ng PC computer someday eh mura lang yan kaysa MAC pero if you choose PC now mahirap ka bibili ng MAC someday kasi pataas ng pataas ang presyo nila .. gets???

    -Aice Nice Concepts

  9. No one here seems to have pointed out that the Mac can run Windows now, either via Parallels/VMWare (paid) or via BootCamp so getting a Mac is getting BOTH. and it’s really more of a question of whether the company you work at has a lot of Microsoft back-end (like mine) and going OS X as your primary operating system is not the most efficient solution.

    Short version: get a Mac, dual, boot via BootCamp.

    If you havent gotten one yet at this time, wait until next month and it’ll come free with the new Mac OS, $79-value

  10. wow jeff, thanks for the comment, so if I get MAC.. I’ll have both Windows and OS X.. that’s really great ^_^

  11. The Advantage of Buying a Mac Computer is that its already a super computer on its on (video is good, computer speed is VERY VERY good ) if your planning get a new computer, I’d go with either iMac or MacBook. Mac OS X leopard is better than Windows Vista

  12. When i have an overflowing money, i would probably buy a high end MAC, but my main OS would definitely be Windows.

    As a web designer i could do a lot when using Windows!

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  14. dude, hinde ka mgsisisi sa MAC, im sure of it. seriously. meron diin nman emulator for window apps ung MAC para sa software mo. go for it.

    im dying to have a MAC Air of my own. so get yours. πŸ˜€

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