A call center is an external service that will help your business handle customer calls. Some companies like to have their own call center, so they can oversee the quality of their employees. A call center can be contracted to handle seasonal campaigns and an overflow of calls during a busy period. Call Center Plus services work in conjunction with your inbound call center on location to provide phone, email and chat coverage.

After Hours Calls
You might not have the budget to hire permanent employees to handle calls overnight and weekends. When you outsource your calls to a call center, they will handle your customer service, so you can market to customers in other time zones. It’s a great way to expand your customer reach. You won’t have to worry about paying for extra hours or time and a half on Sundays.

Overflow Calls
When your industry is in a busy season, you might need a call center to handle the overflow. In the middle of a hot summer, an HVAC company might need a call center to handle the overflow from customers who need emergency services. A snow plow service might need a call center to handle calls during a heavy snow storm. In every industry, there are busy times that might need a center to handle call overflow. It’s easier to contract with a call center than it is to hire seasonal employees.

Sales Campaigns
If you’re planning to have a seasonal sales campaign, a call center can easily handle the resulting phone calls. Often, you want to expand your business with summer sales, seasonal holiday campaigns or blowout sales, but your office staff may not be able to handle the influx of phone calls. A call center can be trained to work specifically with your customers with details and training about your business. A call center provides support for your office staff during busy times where there’s an abundance of phone calls.

Emergency Back Up
In an area that is prone to emergencies like wild wind storms, winter blizzards and flooding, you might need a backup for your office staff. A call center can be your backup in any kind of emergency situation. Whether it’s a loss of power, winter storm emergency or some other breakdown of your systems, the call center can be used as immediate emergency services so your customers will never feel the loss of your power. You want your customers to stay unaware of your problems. They need to feel safe and secure in your hands. A call center can help retain customer trust.

While you might have a great office staff, they might not be able to handle every situation. Sales campaigns, weekend coverage and emergencies require an external staff that can handle the overflow of your business. They can be trained to handle your customer’s phone calls exactly the way you would like.