The Undeciphered Puzzle

As promised, I’ll be giving away another web hosting account with unlimited space and bandwidth plus 2-year free domain registration. This was the prize during my previous guessing game. I still have a few more web hosting accounts that I couldn’t use, that’s why I decided to give them away, instead of waiting for those to expire.

To make it easy for you to grab this free web hosting from Dreamhost, I will just re-post the undeciphered puzzle that I created a few months ago. Puzzle BS6 was not deciphered and nobody answered it correctly. Nobody got even close to the hints.

Maybe this month, someone from you can answer this puzzle.

Here are the tips and hints of the Undeciphered Puzzle:

1. The answer is subtle
2. You need to find X
3. Y1 Y2 and Y3 are 3 different unknown values
4. Thereโ€™s only one answer
1. The traitor is hidden
2. โ€œChange is inevitable. Change is constant.โ€ – Benjamin Disraeli
3. X = [Y1 + 6 ] + [Y2 – 2] + [Y3 + 0]
4. Metamorphosis is required after the third dot
5. You need BS4, BS5, BS7 and BS8 to get BS6

1. F, G, H, I and J are wrong answers
2. Downloading all is a great help
3. The last 3 “something” needs to be changed
4. It’s not BLUE
5. The _______ is part of the Philippine _______
6. It was created to improve upon and replace the gift without the last 25%

The Undeciphered Puzzle (BS6)
Blue Stickman 6

The first one to answer the puzzle correctly, wins! Please answer this puzzle using the format below:

For example your answer is letter A:
EXPLANATION: Because blah blah blah…

There’s only one right answer. A correct explanation is required to support the right answer. If you’re explanation didn’t satisfy the hints and tips, then your answer is wrong. It SHOULD satisfy all the hints and tips. Ok?

You can answer as many times as you want, as long as you don’t spam. Please explain clearly. No repeated explanations allowed. The best way to get the right answer is to explain each tip and hint, and elucidate why it satisfied this hint and that hint, blah blah blah.

Deadline in submitting your answers is on July 17, 2009, 11:59:00 PM (WordPress Time). July 20, 2009, 11:59:00 PM (WordPress Time), July 24, 2009, 11:59:00 PM (WordPress Time)I extended the deadline again because I’ll be in Baguio City for 5 days and I’ll be offline. I’ll be back soon and I’ll update this post after five days. Good luck to everyone!

Once again, good luck to everyone who wants a free web hosting and domain! Wish you all the best!

UPDATE: The winners are posted here. Congratulations!

240 thoughts on “The Undeciphered Puzzle

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  3. kuya, anghirap naman.. as in! Hindi namin alam kung saan magsisimula ang paghahanap ng “x” eh! ๐Ÿ˜•


  4. aww. a puzzle. waaahh… ang hirap nman po nian. hahahah… need more hints and tips. or clues. hahaha… ganda p nman sana ng prize.

    • aw.. dapat tama format mo. For instance:

      EXPLANATION: Because H is the blah blah of the blah blah to the power of blah blah. Hehehe..


  5. Ji Jehz,

    I first heard of you from Jan Geronimo. He speaks highly of you and I have to agree based on my own observations. Sikat na sikat ang site mo and sure winner ka sa Top Blogs, but I am rooting for you anyway.

    I wonder if you have read what Jan wrote for you in this link:

    It’s a tribute to you.

    Your contest seems exciting and intriguing but I’ll leave this to the younger ones to answer. ..

    All the best.

    • Yay! thanks sa link Jena. Nalampasan ko ata ang post na yan. Madalas kasi mag update si Jan ๐Ÿ˜€ At thru Google Reader me naka subscribe sa kanya, not thru e-mail. Ngayon nag subscribe na me thru e-mail.

      Nakaka iyak ang post nya. Speechless nga ako eh. hehe ๐Ÿ˜€ *tears of joy*

    • di ako tatanggapin doon. Kaso beyond logic ang puzzles ko, puro self reasoning lang + konting tricks at diskarte, ma sosolve mo na. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Pero hint, di mo yan ma sosolve kung mata lang gagamitin mo :mrgreen:

  6. kuya, may napansin ako.. :mrgreen:

    “andami ng comments pero wala pa ring sumasagot kahit isa. ๐Ÿ˜€ ”

    isa lang ang ibig sabihin nun..

    *shouting again

  7. Kailangan kasi kapareho mo mag-isip si Jehz para ma-gets mo ang sagot. Kaso yun ang mahirap gawin, kasi magulo mag-isip si Jehz. Nyok. Joke lang. :mrgreen:

  8. Y1=1
    After C the stickmen metamorphize and all stickmen have a slight tilt down but I is the only one that doesn’t. BS4, BS5, BS7, AND BS8 all eqaul there numbers so 4+5+7+8= 24+X or 10=34. Advance 34 stickmen from I and arrive to C which is also the dot you metmorphized at.


    • aw… basta related sya. Kung makita mo anong pinag ka iba ng ibang puzzles dito, kuha mo na agad ang sagot. Etong puzzle lang na to ang iba sa lahat ng puzzle na nagawa ko :mrgreen:

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  10. hhmmm… okay here’s a question.

    Do we really need the Hint #5 at all? Because I compared the Tips and Hints in BS6 from this post to the “BS4 to BS8” entry.

    In short, Hint#5 wasn’t present on the previous entry at all. Maybe a typo kuya? But anyway, if it isn’t a typo then I have an answer for that (I think ๐Ÿ™„ )

  11. Hope I got it right :]

    1. The answer is subtle.
    Subtle is synonymous to clever, original, not obvious & ingenious. It’s true that BS6 is subtle. Why? Read on.

    2. You need to find X.
    The X is actually a person aka the traitor.

    3. Y1, Y2, and Y3 are 3 different unknown values.
    I thought the word “values” was referring to numbers. But wait! Values also mean principles, morals, and ethics. Therefore, Y1, Y2, and Y3 are the attitudes of X.

    4. There’s only one answer.
    It’s Motivation.

    Yup! BS6 is business-oriented :]

    Let’s proceed to the Hints.

    1. The traitor is hidden.
    Based from the diagram of the Blue Stickmen above, we can be sure they’re all the same which is why the traitor is among one of them. The diagram also refers to the staff of your business.

    2. “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” – Benjamin Disraeli
    There’s another version of the quote, “Change is inevitable. In a progressive country, change is constant.”

    The quote also mean “avoiding failure”.

    Read this article >>

    3. X = [Y1 + 6] + [Y2 – 2] + [Y3 + 0]
    Now that we know that X is a persion and the Y’s are the attitudes. The +6 means adding more to the performance, -2 means lessening the negatives, +0 means the attitude that doesn’t need to be changed at all or not do anything.

    4. Metamorphosis is required after the third dot.
    The metamorphosis of a butterfly has four stages. Ths third dot is the third stage where the butterfly cracks its shell and turn into an adult butterfly. Thus, the butterfly signifies X and his stages to become a buttferly/better employee.

    Now, let’s apply the formula from hint 3.

    X = [Y1 + 6] + [Y2 – 2] + [Y3 + 0]

    Butterfly = [Stage 1 + increase resistance (egg)] + [Stage 2 – wasting time to better focus on eating (caterpillar) + [Stage 3 + sleeping (pupa)]

    In other words…

    Employee = [know strengths + positive attitudes] + [knowing weaknesses – negative attitudes] + [reflection + silence]

    5. You need BS4, BS5, BS7 and BS8 to get BS6

    To get the traitor from your business…

    BS4 – “Road Puzzle”
    Negative: Identify the employee who lacks confidence to achieve their dreams.
    Positive: Perspective. You lead your team to success. Guiding your employees to achieve success.

    BS5 – “Coward and the Fearless”
    Negative: Identifying the employee/s that needs to come out from their “holes” (hiding).
    Positive: Have your employees show their full performance.

    BS7 – “Army Puzzle”
    Negative: Employee/s are to be scrutinized even in the tiniest detail. Ahem! “zooming”, “pixel”.
    Positive: Strengthening your staff.

    BS8 – “Squared Puzzle”
    Negative: The Broken Sequence. You should know which employee/s are not in order.
    Positive: Keep track with employees.

    Hahahaha… This looked like a blog entry XD I had fun with this XD

    I had some backtracking from the “BS4 to BS8 blog entry”, knowing the questions and answers. It’s no easy task because I’m back here at Jehzlau’s blog about two weeks ago :p

    Well, what can you say Jehzlau? XD

  12. naku, walang ma ipost, hayan nag popost ng walang kwenta na sya lang mismo nakakaintindi. hahaha… hay nako jehz…

      • Parang ‘yong blog ko sa WP, kinopya halos lahat pati links at comments… pero okey lang kse pagnagclick ka sa title at sa mga images pupunta pa rin sa blog ko, so parang 2 ang blog ko :mrgreen: , un nga lang may adsense sya…

  13. parang nasagot n ata hula ko ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜† ahahahahaha nagresearch pa me for this one kaso while reading other answers ..parang may kaparehas n sa naisip ko ahahahahah so wait ko na lang din if meron mananalo at kung wala pa at try ko sagutan ulit ahahahahahah..nice one Kua Jehz…ang brain cellss!! ko bwhahahaha!! ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ :mrgreen:

  14. naisip ko syang lng energy ko pg inisip ko mga plagiarist, me 2 p sumunod copy paste eh. gamitin ko n lng energy ko s pgsagot nitong puzzle mo. hehe, me mpapala p ko, laki premyo ah. kelangan ko msagot to

    • yeah… worth $200 yung premyo. hehe. Mahirap talaga pag na copyahan ng post. Parang ninakawan ka, tapos nakikita mo yung magnanakaw sa harap mo, pero wala kang magawa. Parang ganun. Hehehe.. :mrgreen:

  15. wow parang ang challenging nito ah. sana di ako busy.. sasagutin ko tong puzzle sana.

    by the way, added ur link already as one of the sponsors. once i receive your donation, your mini-banner will be up. ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. Hi, hmmm.. i’ve added ur link to the sponsors list oridi and have told the participants to add ur link as well. Have you received my email? ๐Ÿ™‚


  17. hi Jehzeel,

    i sent you an email twice to your DOST email address. In case indi mo pa din na-receive, yung paypal ko eto:

    Please review the sponsorship Terms and Conditions on my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for the support and More power.

  18. buruin nyo, 11 na yung hints pero hindi pa rin nasosolve. :mrgreen:

    isa lang ulit ang ibig sabihin nun. hehehehe.


  19. mukhang swak na swak na yung sagot ko s lahat ng hints at tips.. pero may mga hints parin na hindi tumpak. Review ko muna to kuya bago ko e post. Para sure win! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  20. Hmmmmmmmm.. Medyo mahirap. More hints pa jehz. Malalim lalim po kasi ang puzzle at complicated yung hints at tips.

    Yung pamigay na hint jehz, cge na….

  21. Tagal walang post ni Jehz ha. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    Di na ako masyado nakakablog pero I still try my best to update my blog if I find time especially on weekends. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Sobrang hirap naman ata nitong puzzle mo. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Anyway, kahit wala kang new posts, astig pa din itong blog mo kasi mataas pa din ang ranking! hehe…

    Sa akin pababa ang alexa rank ko e. ๐Ÿ™


    I will explain my answer based on the hints and tips:

    1. The answer is subtle – Yes, because you cannot decipher it in one look
    2. You need to find X – Yes, because I need to find the answer. X is the answer and I need to explain why X is my answer
    3. Y1 Y2 and Y3 are 3 different unknown values – these are the factors that will help me prove the my answer was right
    4. Thereโ€™s only one answer – Yes, and it’s A
    1. The traitor is hidden – Yes, because we cannot see it.. Hmmp
    2. โ€œChange is inevitable. Change is constant.โ€ – Benjamin Disraeli – This phrase is just telling us that we need to change something
    3. X = [Y1 + 6 ] + [Y2 – 2] + [Y3 + 0] – X = A. Walang papalag. Hehe.
    4. Metamorphosis is required after the third dot – We need to change what is after the third dot. A B C are the first 3 dots, D is the 3rd dot. I want to change it to A because A is my answer.
    5. You need BS4, BS5, BS7 and BS8 to get BS6 – BS4, BS4, BS7, and BS4 is needed so that you can differentiate your answer. BS6 is really complicated and it’s quite unique that’s why it’s different from the rest of the 4 previous puzzles.

    1. F, G, H, I and J are wrong answers – This bonus hint is another proof that my answer is correct
    2. Downloading all is a great help – I just downloaded all puzzles and compared them all that’s why I found out that A is the right answer
    3. The last 3 โ€œsomethingโ€ needs to be changed – I changed my last 3 suspected answers to A. These are B C and D. Hehe
    4. Itโ€™s not BLUE – This is gibberish. It’s obvious that it’s blue.
    5. The _______ is part of the Philippine _______ – The answer is part of the Philippine flag. The answer is colored blue and it’s part of the flag of the Philippines
    6. It was created to improve upon and replace the gift without the last 25% – The answer is a gift, without the last 25% This is another hint that I can’t explain. But I’m pretty sure that my answer is correct.

    (This is my first explanation. I have another explanation with the same answer. I’ll post it later if na finalize ko na.)

  23. I hope my answer was right. I badly need a domain and a host. Di ko kasi na renew yung ko nag expire na at hindi ko na makuha. huhuhu

  24. Hello Jehz! I need help, anong ibig sabihin ng short meta description sa webmaster tools, meron kasing nadetect na ganun sa site ko, paano yun ireresolve kung sakali? Thanks.

  25. wow. wala pa rin po pala nakakasolve nitong puzzle niyo sir sir Jehz. hehehe… gusto ko sana sumagot kaso hindi ko alam. weeehh.. dito po kayo sa baguio? dito ako aral eh.

  26. hanep wala pa rin nakakahula it means sobrang hirap talaga nto..wala na ba talagang ibang clue???huh paraffle na lang kasi yang free domain and host na yan..hahaha

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    EXPLANATION: Sa wakas na solve ko na rin!

    Ang answer ay A kasi ang A ang iba ang kulay. Siya ang traitor!

    Based on the hints and tips, na trace ko ang sagot at ang sagot ay subtle talaga. Di mo makikikita sa isang tingin lang!

    I downloaded all images (Bonus hint no.2) and I noticed that there’s something wrong with the image extension/type of BS6. BS4, BS5, BS7 at BS8 were all PNG, while BS6 is the only one that was JPG!

    To check if my answer is right, I changed the image extension to PNG, para uniform na silang lahat. Then, then answer was there! It’s not BLUE and it’s very obvious. The answer was letter A!!!

    This doesn’t contradict all hints and tips, specially hint no. 3: X = [Y1 + 6 ] + [Y2 – 2] + [Y3 + 0]

    X = PNG
    Y1 = J
    Y2 = P
    Y3 = G

    X = [J + 6] + [P – 2] + [G + 0]
    X = [P] + [N] + [G]
    X = PNG

    Hint no. 4: Metamorphosis after the third dot.

    WWW[first dot]jehzlau-concepts [second dot]com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/bs6[third dot]jpg

    So we need to metamorph JPG to PNG. That’s what hint no. 4 said.

    All the bonus hints support my answer and I’m 100% sure that my answer was right!

    Give me the domain + web hosting now! haha!

  29. 1st comment ko dito.

    Di ako makasagot. Bobo ako sa ganito eh haha! Pwede ba next contest mo idol eh Multiple Choice na lang o di kaya Matching Type hehe… ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. Ang tagal ko di naka-visit dito, tapos na deadline ng contest ah. Sino kaya nanalo? Hindi totoong matagal ako hindi naka-visit dito, ako din kasi ang author ng Hitsbuster hehehe.

  31. Honga, deadline na! nung una ko tong nabasa, iniisip ko yung sagot kailangan ko ba gumamit ng photoshop? hehe. pero oks lang. parang di ko naman masasagutan! hehe.

  32. hi jehzlau, tagal na kong nag-aabang ng bagong post na kukumentan dito sa blag mo, pero eto pa rin ang nadatnan ko after 10,000 years! hehehe!

    nga pala, indi comment to ha. teaser lang. kasi ayoko magkument sa topic na to kasi baka magmukha akong shonga. wehehe.

    seriously, i was trying to solve it in my head some time ago (nung wala pa yung bonus hints) and i’m sure i got close to the answer (totoo pramis!) but then it slipped my mind, and then… here i am. hehehe.

    anyway, cheerios! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Woooooot! Thanks for dropping by deejay! Btw, if may napansin kang blogs na di mo kilala na vinote ka sa Top 10 Emerging Influential, mga kinampaign ko yun. Hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

      Sinama kita sa campaign ko with eh. Naka vote ka na ba sa top 10? If di pa, don’t forget ha.. wahehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

      Malapit mo na bang palitan yung image file type? yun kasi yung sagot at may dalawang nakasagot. mag popost pa ako about it para e award doon sa dakilang bloggers na naka sagot ng mahiwagan quiz na to. Woooooooot!

      Thanks again for dropping by deejay ๐Ÿ˜€ haha!

      • waaah! oo naman, hanggaling ng patay gutom! saludo ako. *thumbs up* hehehe!

        heniway, salamat salamat! kaya pala merong unfamiliar blogs na bumoto sa kin. whee! (altho mukhang matatagpas na ako sa taften.) nyehehe! ๐Ÿ˜›

        salamat talaga jehzlau ha, haven’t come up with my list yet, and i hope to do so very soon. ๐Ÿ˜›

  33. ๐Ÿ™„ Cool puzzle. I tried it but had to run away from a sudden bolt of lightning. So alas could not solve it. Maybe you and your friends can help solve my word puzzles and play Wordkill. It would help keep me alive. Check it out at

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  35. I couldnโ€™t leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitorsโ€ฆ Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post here!

  36. I just pass by here and this blog is rocks! congrats on a high ranks with Alexa. This is so much traffic on this site, I must consider following you from now on and learn it from the master ๐Ÿ™‚ I am too late to answer for the contest? who won?



    • Thanks Julius. Hehehe.. wag na master, dami na tumatawag sa akin na master at nalilito ako. Jehz nalang para astig ๐Ÿ˜†

      Si Veej at Jen nanalo sa contest na to. May bago me contest. Pero marami na ding sumagot ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • Ok, Jehz na lng para astig nga…hehe. Anywez, congrats to Veej and Jen for winning the contest, galing nila ano? So, may bagong contest ulit? wow, late na namn ako dami ng nag-comment ๐Ÿ™



  37. I may not be as smart as I think I am because I can’t solve that puzzle. Far from solve it.

    What does former office mate mean? Since I’m listed as that under links. ๐Ÿ™‚

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