Western Digital Passport: My Very First Portable Hard Drive

This was my very first portable HDD. It costs 9,500 Pesos in Power Mac Center, Greenbelt 3. I decided to look for a cheaper one because Power Mac’s price was too expensive for me. I found this 320GB Portable HDD on eBay.ph for only 6,800 Pesos! This elegant portable HDD was very simple to use,

Greenbelt 5 Bloggers’ Food Tour: A Lipton Food Odyssey

I was so lucky to be invited in this awesome and scrumptious food odyssey sponsored by Lipton. The first stop in the food tour was Myron’s Place. Located at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5, Myron’s Place serves delectable delights that range from premium steaks and salads. For this particular night, Mushroom Crostini and Bacon-Wrapped

Impress Your Date With This Laser

If you are one of those people whose mind always go blank during a blissful encounter with a beau, perhaps this new green laser pointer from techlasers.com can be your icebreaker and help you impress your partner. Flash it out and she will surely be amazed by the high powered green laser beam emitted by

Still Skeptical in Quitting My Day Job [Being A Corporate Slave]

For the past three weeks I had been so skeptical whether or not to quit my day job. I had been tired of being a corporate slave for two years now. Waking up early to do this and that, having a deadline to finish a specific project, being scolded in front of your work mates