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Tired of unzipping free fonts one by one from different websites that offer free fonts? Buying it, can ease up your hassle of unzipping them one by one! but, is there a free font package that you can download? Not one font per zip file? Is that what you’re looking for? Hehe… If you’re looking for a free font package, meron ako nun! I’ll give it to you for FREE! These are different fonts from hundreds of different websites, I unzipped it one by one by myself, and all by myself, and just myself. (I hate redundancy). Okey, these fonts are for PC users only, I didn’t download MAC fonts coz I don’t use MAC, because I’m not a MAC user (of course!).

Indeed, it’s a very long introduction! By the way, is there any site that offers 1000+ free fonts that is not individually unzipped? I think I found none (with all Google’s help), but now I have it! These fonts came all the way from Davao (Pwede din sa Manila, sa web galing eh), why Davao? because I downloaded and unzipped these fonts from Davao City (In an Internet Cafe, Counterstrike 3 Internet Cafe to be specific), I saved it in my Flash Drive, then copied it here, in this PC, not really my own PC because it’s not mine, it’s Savant’s PC (My Workplace). Hay kapoy nag storya ug english, pero kinahanglan naku e english para daghan mag appear ads sa Google Adsense naku, oOwkay???

Let’s go back to my introdution. Tired of unzipping free fonts one by one from different websites that offers free fonts? Buying it can ease up your hassle of unzipping them one by one! but, is there a free font package that you can download? Not one font per zip file? Is that what you’re looking for? Okey, i’ll give you this font package, you can download it here, or from (same lang naman yung here at from, hehe, pangpahaba lang po ng post).

After downloading the Jehzlau Font Package, unzip it, use winzip or winrar, then copy paste it in your Fonts folder, inside your windows folder (C:/WINDOWS/Fonts) If you installed your OS in your default drive. Just look for the Windows folder in case you installed it in your other drive partition. After locating the fonts folder, paste it inside the said folder, it will be installed automatically in your PC, and you can use it in any programs in your PC! Have Fun and Enjoy Jehzlau’s Font Package Give Away!

If you can’t locate the fonts folder inside windows folder after exerting too much effort and you wish to remove your brain because it’s energy receptors refuses to supply electrons for your gray-matter to continue processing, you can open the control panel and look for the fonts folder there, but it case you still didn’t find the fonts folder, call your Doctor. (wahehehe)

Enormous goodies will be given away for free by Jehzlau soon! So keep on visiting my Jehzlau Concepts, or subscribe to my RSS feed! Thanks guys! ^_~

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7 thoughts on “Jehzlau’s Free Unzipped Fonts

  1. Salamat sa fonts… kaso wala yung Jehzlau Concepts font… nyok! Hehe.

    Grabe, 2007 pa itong post na ito, hindi ka pa yata dot com nung sinulat mo ito. Lolz. Huwag mo na itanong kung paano ako nakarating dito. Haha.

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